Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wedding Dinner

3rd January 2009;

Today went to my mom's cousin's son wedding. It was held at the JW Marriott Hotel in KL. (They must be very rich...) As always, the card says 7p.m. sharp but the food serves' at 8:30p.m.

Mmm....the food is okay....... Shark-fin is so like a tradition in weddings. Every wedding sure got shark-fin.(Well at least the weddings i go to always have shark-fin soup.)Me and Reb eat until sian already. The cod fish was nice. Praws are nice too. hmm......can't think of anything now.......

Random Pictures at the wed:

I like my white dress.Pretty. XD. LOL!!! The dress Rebecca is wearing, is actually my aunts. But my aunt don't want to wear it. So let Rebecca wear. Reb seldome wear these dresses. I think its the first. I look weird....LOL!!!

School starts on 5th of January!!! Oh man!!! Holidays' over. =(

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