Tuesday, June 9, 2009

JUNE 5th:

Today went to SUNWAY LAGOON!!!...again..... sadly Joyce couldn't come...... So we (me, Reb, Max, Vincent, Phoebe, Vin & Be's Dad/Uncle A.K, and my mom) first went on some rides. Then later on only went to the water park, and then after playing there for hours, we went and play in the amusement park again.

That about it, i lazy to go in details......

P/s: Think i got alittle bit sun tanned. THREE TONNED!!! NOoOOOOoO

JUNE 6th:

Say good-bye to Vincent and Phoebe and their dad. So lets catch up on what we did the whole week with them on their stay in my house.

~~Play PS2.....Guitar Hero, everybody LOVES GH!!!

~~And we baked a cake, well two cakes actually. First was the delicious butter + a little bit of pandan + a little bit of milo.*colourful* Second, we made sponge pandan cake. It so delicious. Uncle A.K really know how to bake stuff and cook stuff. One of the days, he even made "wan tan" that was so utterly delicious. Sorry, i didn't take pictures, totally forgotten all about it then, to busy eating... TEHEHEHEH!!!!!

So when they were going to leave, Maxine shread sad.....her friends are going home.......waaaahahahahahaahah............oh well.......see you guys again!!!next year, or maybe year end........i wonder...hhmmmmm......

So after my mom sent them to somewhere(i'm not sure with it), Max came back moodless, dead, sad, = EMO! Ahya, she got over it when mom bought her ice-cream.

So next, my aunt brought me and reb and my grandma to the saloon. Well only me and my aunt do our hair. I straighten..again...... and cut it slightly pics!!! Hah!

JUNE 7th:

Today's the day Rebecca turn to go back home. And her mom and bro comes abck from CHINA!!! So Reb's dad came and fetch her at about 8.00p.m. to go to the airport and fetch them. I haven't seen them yet, till now(tuesday)....i wonder did they buy souvenirs.......hehe.....

JUNE 8th:

House very quite right now..... Time to do my freakin' KARANGAN!!! oh shit, i haven't even started......noooooo

JUNE 9th:



I FINALLY HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


GUITAR HERO GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ jealous??? don't freak out...

SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy bought it for us...(ahhemm)....well i think it was more to Maxine, cause she begged dad for it. But i still get to use it right???!

It hard wei, not used to it yet la....but we'll get the hang of it.....medium is so hard to play....need to practice...Oh no, i gonna have a bad feeling that i'll see colours again tonight....

That's all for now,~ muacks

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