Thursday, June 4, 2009

JUNE 3rd:

Today went with my Ah Yee to go pick out a few dressses for her photoshoot for the wedding album and one of her wedding day dress. We went to "Keep Gallery" which is in SS2. The place that is FULL of wedding galleries. Theres like how many? uncountable......

Here are some pictures that i took over there. This place is so COLOURFUL!!! *cute*

* p/s: Please forgive my horrible photography.*

Pretty wall....

HAHA!!! The toilets' are nice....


WHo's leg are those????

ME!......Random stuff just happens......

Rebecca and ME.....nice room....

Here comes the GOWNS!!!

TRY-OUTS:- photoshoot

1) Wedding Gowns:

Dress 1
Dress 2.1
Dress 2.2

Dress 3
Dress 4
Dress 5.1
Dress 5.2

Dress 6

2) Evening Gowns:

Evening Gowns 1

Evening Gowns 2

Evening Gowns 3.1
Evening Gowns 3.2

Evening Gowns 4

Evening Gowns 5.1
Evening Gowns 5.2

Evening Gowns 6

Wedding Day Dress:

This is one of her evening gowns that she will wear on her wedding day....

Eventually she only can pick 2 wedding dress and 2 evening gowns for the photoshoot. And i guess she already or haven't pick out a few more dress for her weddig day yet.

After that we went to one of the kopitiam around there and ate. It was like 5o'clock already. So how can i still eat dinner????
So me and rebecca was starving at about 10 o'clock. SoOooo.....we ended up eating supper at kayu. hehehe......the worst meal of the day, as Joyce said. NOOOOO!!!! I gonna be FAT, if i keep eating supper like this..... XDXDXD
Till then, bye-bye.....

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