Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh yeah! Its mid-term holiday time again! Time to go nuts! or maybe not...... I wonder what people do with this time. Two weeks of holiday......well most probably some of you guys out there will be somewhere enjoying your holidays. good for you guys. Well i am so confused with my holiday. Sometimes i can spend the day just walking around the house doing nothing, going crazy. Watch TV, play PS2, sleep, walk around, kacau people, listen to music, play PSP, bugging people, sleep, watch TV and the lists goes on.......

So here are so stuff that happened to me so far.....

MAY 31th.

Baskin Robbins!!! WOOOPPIE!!!! Finally!!! I waited from, when was it again??? March??? YAY! Finally 31th comes again!!! 31% off. Thank you ah yee for buying it for us! ^.^hehe....

Empty pints. "Cotton Candy" and "Peanutbutter and Chocolate" I know,i know , it can look disgusting.....but it was SOOOO NICE!!!

JUNE 1st:

Its a new month , two weeks of HOLIDAY!!! and my cousin, Rebecca's 14 BIRTHDAY!!!

So the story goes like this. Her mom and brother went to China to enjoy their holiday and her dad went on a fishing trip. Since Reb don't want to go or do any of those stuff, so she ended up staying at my 5 star hotel/house. hehe.....well maybe not 100% 5 star la.....but still, the room contains a mattress,(while i sleep on my bed), a LCD tv, DVD player, Astro, computer/laptop-Internet, PS2(to go nuts over Guitar Hero) and *dot* *dot* *dot*......ignore the last part......

So on the same day, we had piano class. SO our piano teacher gave Reb a gift: BIG APPLE DONUTS!!! OMG!!! It's so delicious, since this is my first time getting to eat it. THANK YOU TEACHER!


So, you guys must be guessing where's the cake? it is!!! HAH!!!

MUD CAKE!!! or SOIL!!! or DIRT!!!


On the same day my mom's friend came and stay in our 5 star hotel/house. haha..... He and one of his two kids come and have a holiday in KL! They are from Sarawak. Meet Vincent and Phoebe.

They are here to stay for about a week or so, almost same like Reb. Maxine is going crazy with them..... They are like non-stop playing.... First they play PS2 and then they got bored and one will play the gameboy and the other will play my PSP or they will play with Maxine or they will watch Tv. And of course they have afternoon naps, unlike SOMEBODY. erh hem.

JUNE 2nd:

Went to watch Monster VS. Aliens today. Went to watch at night.... 3D!!! But its expensive!!!

The Movie was nice! Very funny!!! BOB ROCKS!!!(the blue coloured thingy/monster). must watch, although it might seem childish but hey, who cares?

Gotta stop now....will blog tomorrow......good nite......ZzZzZzZ

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