Friday, November 27, 2009

26th of November.

Today, my maid went back to Indonesia. It's been a long time since she went back, about 8 years she didn't go back. She's been with us for 12 years. ;D

I thought Maxine was going to cry like mad when my dad and her send her to the airport. But then when they came back, i ask her, she say she didn't cry. Hah, liar la you, Max.

Oh man. Call me pampered. But now I'm like a working slave. LOL. So many chores to do.

1. Feed Dog
2. Clean Dog's poo-poo
3. Feed Tortoise
4. Clean Tortoise poo-poo
5. Feed Turtle
6. Sweep floor
7. Babysit Maxine
8. Wash the dishes
9. Clean up after Maxine's mess
10. Making my bed ( awww....i hate this SOO much!)
11. Shower Maxine
12. Cook for Maxine
13. Dry and collect the clothes

err....can't think of any other chores....yet...surely still got la

underpaid, babysitter. me?

Ahhh....thanks to technology to entertain us and the little kids

So later, Rebecca and Isaac came. LOL. I gave them a shock. Well, i didn't know they were coming.

So when they came, i was still up stairs playing the comp, and they were screaming their heads off calling me. Since i was playing some music and my door is closed, i couldn't here anything. ;P Sorry lor... They came because we had a dinner later in the evening. And their parents were busy or something and didn't wanted to go, so they are still currently sleeping over at my house now.

So there was still one or two more hours to the dinner. And we were still playing. And then Isaac noticed something.

He forgotten to bring his jeans. swt. And the only pants he brought are those that cannot be worn in public type, especially dinner. =.=

So his parents rush here with his jeans. I bet his father super pissed off. Next time be more CAREFUL!!!

Here are some pictures:

Guess what's inside?... NOTHING!!! lol.... No lar, we ate all the chocolate inside. teehee

OMG. My head was spinning like mad after drinking wine and beer. Never drink on an empty stomach. Ahh...blame it on who?

This was nice. Suckling pig. That pig head is scary.

27th of November.

I had piano lessons today.

After that, i was suppose to straight away go to the police station to make a report, cause i lost my IC!!! ARH!!! WHy me??!?

But then my DAD took his precious time getting ready. Took about 1 hour or more.


I was a bit rushing cause my aunt was going to bring us to watch "The Christmas Carol"

So after i did the report, i went to Cathay. Cause the others were already there waiting for me.

We ate Mc'D and the went to the cinema. We watch 3D. Next time better don't watch la. My eyes hurt and it burns a hole in the pocket and it isn't really worth it la.

P/S: The movie isn't really nice. Actually quite sien.

So next we went over to The Curve, took some pictures because of it's Christmas theme.


Hmpt....bully me....

Next, we walked back to Cathay. Rebecca bought me my B'day present. A Naruto puzzle and poster. Maxine is SUPER JEALOUS! haha


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