Friday, April 9, 2010

American Idol was nice this week. Casey was so AWESOME! JEALOUS GUY!!!♥ ♥ ♥ Katie was really good too! ;)

I absolutely ♥ this. ROCK ON CASEY!

Oh, and no one got out this week in AI, the judges saved Michael. So that means next week two are going.

Really can't wait for next week. Seems like quite a few interesting things going on next week:-

-Adam Lambert will be mentoring American Idol!!! *if I'm not mistaken* (CAN'T WAIT!)

-Glee season 1 FINALE!!! I ♥ GLEE!

-umm... Sport's day? I wanna see CHEER! ;p Good luck to everyone who is participating in Sport's Day!

OKAY. I shall now share with you some STUFF ;D

BWAHHAHAHHA!!! I feel so sorry for my old phone. LOL. I used nail polish to paint.*SHOCK* WHAT?! i was bored. *see i do dumb stuff when I'm bored*

p/s; I used nail polish remover to remove it after i painted it. IT WAS UGLY! I want a pink phone laaa.


My little sister with SHORT HAIR! lol. I just have to take the ugliest picture of her. hmm...whaddayathink? -hmmpt, all your fault, never comb hair.


My YARN-ing! Not bad right? Though i don't think the colour matches quiet well, oh well. It took me about 3 days to finish it. ;]

Oh, oh, oh, i just wanna share one last thing.-

I found this bookstore in Amcorp Mall, it's called BOOK XCESS read more for less. They sell really cheap books and most of them are all hard covered! But they don't sell current books, have to wait i guess. I bought Hunted hard covered for only RM19.90 , The Host for RM29.90 and other books too. WINNE-THE-POOH! lol. *kiddie moment* Sad thing is they conteng-ed the book a little. It's just they draw a line on some of books, i think they do that so that other people would not resell it or something. But over all ,it still just a book, a line only mah. Who cares, it's cheap! XD

-continue to the next post. lazy to upload pictures in this post. ;)

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