Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's been so long since i last blogged.


Guess i'm bored and fell like blogging.


let's see....

ITS 2010!!!

hah, so late to say that larr, its April liao. ;P


First term exams are over. Got average marks. Parents want's me to get all A's. NEEDTOWORKHARDER.

Midterm is coming. So many things to study. FORM 2 IS SO HARD! especially SEJARAH!

Currently, for art, we are doing some yarn doing thing. Not bad, well, much better that drawing and colouring. But my neck aches. ARGH!

LL: HAND CRAM!!! lolz... hmm..i wonder how many strings we used for this. hmmm??


hmm...can't really think of anything to write anymore.

hope something interesting comes around.

till then,

hope i blog soon. cause i know my blog is ABSOLUTELY dead. bet nobody gonna read this anyway.

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