Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today we went to Amcorp Mall, cause Maxine said she wanted some books. 

I didn't get any books for myself. =( Still haven't read finish the one's i bought last time. 

P/S: Today is World Book Day! :) So there was a sale, selected BOOKS SOLD AT RM1, RM2, RM3. -CHEAP! but nothing caught my eye. =.=-

Amcorp Mall is actually quite full in the morning. Cause most of the time i go there is at night. So this time went there in the afternoon. FINALLY, GOT PEOPLE. lol.

Maxine found Naruto ninja stuff. She was sooo happy. ;D I got myself a hairband and hand phone stickers! BLING! =D

-now all i need is a ninja outfit!-


Looks nice from the front. There's nothing at the back, so it looks pretty crappy from there. 

At least now my phone has a touch of pink. ;)

Oh, in my previous post, i said my phone had gone crazy. But today, i purposely drop my phone on the floor. And miraculously my phone's memory card worked. Woot!  

Weekend's over. School starts again.

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