Friday, November 12, 2010

One, Two, Three


Today Maxine had her class piano concert. I followed along, for no actual reason, just to see her play. My PATIENT times with her paid off. Nah, I'm being sarcastic here. Well, I did like sat down with her and made her practice, but not PATIENTLY. Ehhehehee, I would make her play the exact song over and over again until she gets it. I'm so mean laaa, but it's because I know she can do it. She's just not reading the notes and not concentrating only. So I guess my LITTLE push did the job. ~perasannn

They will have a class party every time they finish a book. So this is Maxine's first time having her piano class concert. She was like the only one who made mistakes when it was her turn to play. But she was the first one out to play too. Guess her nerves got to her. I seriously dislikes it when she tries to act cute. With the squeaky high pitched voice when she had to introduce herself in front of everyone. I know you might be tongue tide, but please la, don't do SILLY VOICES.  DISLIKE. But I don't blame her, she's still a kid.

As usual, I get ready. Oh gosh, my fringe is like really long already. It keeps on poking my eyes, which is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. Seriously, no kiddin'.


 Movin' on with some pictures =)

Maxine practicing a bit before the concert starts.
Before the class concert start, their teacher asked the parents to wait outside for a moment, while they do their rehearsals. I was really bored then. Nothing to do waddd

Can ye' see me?

random much?

After I don't know how long I waited, we were welcomed back into the room.

Maxine was up first playing her piano pieces. She made some mistakes. And then it was the others turn. Then they took turns. With group performances in between them. 


After the performances. Their teacher gave them gifts.

Received a present from her teacher.
 After the class concert was over, we went outside to have the class party.

Yamaha ♥ I came here too for my piano class when I was younger. Feels really Nostalgic when I come back here every time I follow Maxine 

Ahh, the memorable hallway. Kids running all over the place after class ends

She was very amazed by my camera :o LOL
Oh, Heyyy~


Saxophones and Trumpets
Guitars :) wish I knew how to play em'

Audi ♥ so sexayy. i want this too plz. you should know by now that i have an obsession in white coloured stuff
 We open the sun roof, and I went up too.

p/s: This Yamaha School is the Kelana Jaya one. 

I feel so lifeless.



DKNY Be Delicious Eau De Parfum SPRAY
The bottle is sooo cute! The smell's okay. Quite strong. i guess? Cause i just sprint my wrist once with it to test out the smell. Not bad, but not exactly my type. Maybe I'll be okay with it sooner or later. But when I went downstairs gonna go out with my dad, my mom's tuition student go all *sniff sniff sniff*, one *ehemmm* girl in particular *ehemm hemm* goes saying like this:

girl:What Are You Wearing?
me: wearing? clothes la? ( i don't get this )-- now to think of it, I think she was askin' what perfume I'm wearing? But like a 11 year old know anything about perfumes.--
girl: Whats That Smell?
me: ???  *shoves wrist in her face* not literally lah
girl: ooooohhhh, perfume? smells very strong, you must have sprayed a lot!
me: no lah, I only sprayed once
girl: No way can that be only once. -walks away-

Well I really only sprayed ONCE on my wrist ONLY. So yea, guess you can say it's a very strong fragrance. But if you like that smell, then it's okay.

p/s: Got this for free, dad redeemed this for me with his credit card points =)

So waited for my dad to eat first, practice my piano. I'm playing 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles  ♥ John Lennon is so awesome! HEY JUDEEEE  ♥ Love playing 'First Cut is the Deepest', 'Without You', 'If I Die Young', 'Tong Hua' and lots more. I'm not prefect at them thou, but I still like playing them. :p I have to play the Turkish March. So hard la. Well, maybe cause I didn't practice. But only Volodos can play Turkish March the AWESOME-ST! 

Not long after, went out with father. I thought we were going to his office straight away. But before I knew it, we were in B.U Uptown. After passing several shops, then only my dad asked me to look out if there are any Skin Specialist that I can find.

Maxine has Eczema. Which is a skin problem that causes itchiness. If you can see the photo on top with Maxine's finger playing the piano, it's quite bad right now. I want to say it's her fault, but can i really blame it all on her? She keeps on scratching and always cry when my maid puts the creams for her. I really don't get it why she cry, maid help her put still cry for what? Not you put yourself also, just stand there for a few minutes cannot arh?? Must sacrifice a little even thou the cream might me uncomfartable, but if you wanna get well, must put right? Last time I got rashes in Hong Kong, kena scolded like shit by my mom. CANNOT SCRATCH. DON'T TOUCH. GO TO SLEEP NOW. I feel your pain now Maxine. Itchiness SUCKS.

Once, my maid told me that when you are pregnant with a baby, you cannot eat in the bed room. No matter how lazy you are, you have to come out of the room and eat. Or not will have this problem. Well, that's what my maid said, you know la, all the myths and pantang larang and stuff like that. Up to you to believe lo. But when my mom was carrying Maxine, i couldn't remember then or cared much, cause I was still like 8? Most of the time my mom would eat in her bedroom. Not that she has ever even change that HABIT of eating in her room. SERIOUSLY. Everyday like see my maid will bring food up to her room for lunch and dinner. Why can't you eat downstairs? Giving bad example to Maxine also. Everyday eat upstairs in your bedrooms. I do that sometimes when there's like visitors downstairs hogging up the dinning table and very not nice to eat in front of people, so I have no choice but to eat in my room. Or when I'm feeling really lazy. TEEHEE. It's kinda unhygienic, don't you think so? Especially Maxine. HER ROOM IS DISGUSTING. I cannot stand messiness. I was scolded from small by my mom cause I used to not clean up my room when I was younger. Scold until learn. But sometimes, i really don't get it why must we make our beds, we're gonna sleep in it again at night. I always get scolded by my dad when I don't make my bed when my maid goes to her friend house to sleep over. I really don't bother making beds, the comforter are so effin' heavy. And I think it's much nicer to sleep in a messy bed. Something like a nest... WAIT, STOP. I'M SO OFF TOPIC ALREADY.

Where were we?   

Oh, okay, finding dermatologist, skin doctor. Why didn't my dad say earlier. Went round the whole area, stretching my neck looking outside. And finally found it where the previous row of shops before he asked me to look for it. WHY DIDN'T SAY EARLIER? yorrrr, waste time and made my neck hurt only. But the doctor was closed then, so my dad took down the phone number. So off we went again.

Not the office, but back home. What?? Yea. Home. Dad wanna use the toilet. swt.

While waiting, played my piano again. I was playing 'Secrets' By OneRepublic. Then my mom's student, a boy, came up and ask me: can help me print also?

As I am always so NICE. Of course I printed a copy for him. And left it at his bag. Then went out with my dad again. Kinda regret, cause the next day, he keep on buggin me to write for him the notes. LIKE HE DUNNO HOW TO READ AH? Only got two sharps ma, like that also dunno? I'll blog about this later on in the post.

So we went to Cheras, where my dad works. First he took me to cut my hair and then we went to visit the dentist. I did scaling. After that we went back to my father's office.

the fridge has beer ♥ Chillin and drinkin and snackin yooo, while my dad does his work.

But I would much prefer tea ♥

Me bangs. Here look much longer that expected. It looks super nice here, cause don't you get super nice hair after you visit the saloon? LOL
My bangs are super short now. :'( And my hair is all frizzy and BLEH again. Need to keep on straightening to make it look presentable. Haiz, need to wait till new year only can do my hair again. Life is so unfair, I want straight hair. :( I feel like a mushroom :/

Then I continue to read Harry Potter in my father's office. I KNOW, I'M SLOW. I've been reading that book for quite some time now, and still not done. Now currently at page 548. 218 more pages to go.

I read quite a lot actually, while my dad was doing his work. Now I only realize, why everyday my father comes home around midnight. I just sat in front of him, reading my book. I see him endlessly doing work. Files after files. Then I look at the time. It was already 9:00p.m.! Why time pass so fast?? I didn't even realize. Too busy reading my book~

Went to the night market again with my dad. It was drizzling slightly at first, but stop soon after. Yay!~ Didn't buy much this time thou. Not going to post up any pictures. Why would anyone wanna know what I bought? Do you?? O.o?

Came back at 12:00a.m. Super tired. Legs hurt. Walked quite far this time. But sadly, nothing much caught my eyes. I wonder why? hmm.... Took my shower and went to bed.

Didn't sleep well at all. Couldn't fall asleep, even thought I was really tired. Ugh. Plus I was going to school the following day. Cause of DJ got Talent!


Woke up, unwillingly and got ready. Tired. my eye bags were horrible. Not like they were ever nice in the first place. But worst la. Could barely open my eyes. z.z

Managed to drag myself to school.

DJ GOT TALENT. I wished I brought my camera along. Regret didn't do so. GAH.

But got take some pictures with my phone, obviously~

Just gonna upload the exact same thing that's on my fb. PICTURES! :)

The Sun. Looks nice. But not the temperature.

LiLing and Sze Yuin camwhored with my phone.

Okay, so the previous week, Tuesday, *ehem*, something happen. LiLing accidentally tore Joyce's Legend of the Guardians movie ticket. She thought it wasn't important to Joyce, which she was so very wrong about it.

But hopefully, everything now is okie dokie. RIGHT???


obscene iphone3 case~ naked lady

NORTH STAR IS AWESOMEE ♥ as in for this school shoes only :p

burning our butts and sweating like shit. >.<

Martin and Stephanie! Duet. I think you guys are the best. Steph, you're singing is awesome!

I dunno why did it took us THAT LONG to move. So much cooling over here then sitting directly under the sun. We were so stupidddd.
After all the performances, our new pengetua had a few words. And I think they aren't really nice. Didn't listen much, can't be bothered.

RECESS. Last recess of the year.

Nasi Lemak tambah Telur! ♥ and ice lemon tea. today was super sweet =)

Meng Xi! =D

Justin and LiLing. Super sweet couples right?

We migrated to another classroom. Which was completely empty. The cabins are useless. Take up half of our padang. Some more it's super hot. Salute the form 4's who stayed here for almost the complete year. HOW DID YOU GUYS SURVIVE?

Sze Yuin was scared if she got caught and decided to go back to our class instead.

So the classroom only had me, Meng Xi, Stephanie, Joyce, Elizabeth and Natasha. We closed the front door, but kept the back door open. So not that suspicious? LOL Played with iphones and card. But we got bored eventually. So long till school end. But it ended eventually. Woah~ last day of school. Don't feel like it at all, well, tomorrow last la, but I'm not going. So yeaaa~

This year passed really fast, don't you think so? Spending most of our time studying. Gosh, I'm really scared. Form4. Scary. Everything like so much harder. A whole different level.

Okay back to the previous story, the piano sheet. I was so nice to print for the boy and he treats me like this? Seriously, kids now days are #$%^ Don't wanna say la. I come back from school, so tired, just came into the door then bug me help him write the notes. You got learn piano too right boy, don't tell me you dunno how to read. I told him nicely I would do it later. And i went up stairs and shower, then came down and ate my lunch. He came buggin' me again. DULAN LA. I'm EATING here! Cannot SEE IS IT!??! Yes, I screamed at him. Hope you learn your lesson kay. Being annoying won't ever give you what you want, you're just making people angry and wanna just slap you. After eating, wrote the notes for him and went up to my room and took a wonderful nap ~ i♥sleeping

That's why I'm blogging here now. It's late. Either I blog very slow or this is just a very long post. Think I took 3 hours to complete this.

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