Sunday, November 7, 2010


So it was just an ordinary Saturday...

In the afternoon, was I reading Harry Potter or facebook-ing. One of them, no wait, I was watching clicknetwork! haha, GO WATCH! AWESOME SITE! Singaporeans are cool. I can't wait to visit Singapore in December :) sweet!

As always, I have my piano class at 5:30p.m. Rebecca came, as usual. EnEn and my aunt came too :)

Okay, so today, my piano teacher, Miss Grace,brought a CD and a book and asked me and Rebecca to listen and see. We took turns, I had my piano lessons first while she listens to the CD. Then after my lesson, teacher explained what I was suppose to do, which is, to listen to the first song while looking at the book of scores. 

It's kinda hard to explain here, having troubles. HEHE, sorry :(

But yea, here's some pictures :)

Mozart. Piano Concertos. No. 21, K.467, No.27, K.595. The Chamber Orchestra of Europe. Murray Perahia
Konzert in C fur Klavier und Orchester
Well, it's an orchestra and this here is actually like already simplified already. But it's still very complicated for me. I got lost in just one minute, but found where I was when the piano part started playing, and I eventually got lost again at 8 minutes.

As you know, an orchestra have many many many instruments joined together to make beautiful music. LOL. But this score is simplified into two pianos. And the music too has piano playing in some parts. But I was just wondering, i thought orchestras doesn't include piano in them. Well, I'm not sure about that. Anyone knows? Comment below :)

I just listen to the first one. LOOK HOW LONG IT  WAS. 14 minutes and 42 seconds
But overall, I really liked it. Sounds pretty awesome. haha, yea, I'm into classical music :)

So after piano lessons, played with my dear baby cousin of course! :D She was more of the model and I was the photographer.

♥  Helloooo :)

This is my cousin, Rebecca, carrying EnEn for the first time!

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My ahyee carring EnEn :D So good mood yaaaa, keep on smiling je

OOoooOOo, What is this thing???
It was about 8:00p.m. and my parents came back. Went out and eat Sate Kajang for dinner. Awesome stuff. :) YUMMEHHHH ♥

So today, nothing much either.

Morning, ate pao and grapes.

Afternoon, went out to Atria to eat.

After eating, dad went and cut his hair. While waiting for my dad, I went to Victoria Music Centre on the 1st floor and got myself GOOD CHARLOTTE'S NEW ALBUM CARDIOLOGY ♥ ♥ ♥  GC ROCKS TO THE MAX! Went to their concert when they came to Malaysia. Awesome times. So happy they made a new album :) It's pretty good! *THUMBS UP* Sex on the radio! haha, nice name for a song? LOL. It's catchy too! :D

Then we went to the third floor which they were having  ZARA SALES. GOD, WHO DOESN'T LOVE SALES? WEEEE!!!! hahaaa, but since dad was cutting his hair, I was with mum. boo! Mum is very stingy with money. :( I'm your daughter laaa. Want to buy clothes also don't let :( complain and give excuses for me not to buy. haiz... It's cheap already la. So I only bought two things. A skinny jean and a lose tank top.

Yes, i was hanging this on my Tripod :p TEEHEE

This got flash. So it looks brighter here.
The skinny jeans only cost Rm29.90! CHEAP KAN? I was so glad that it could fit me :) kinda tight, but that's why they call it skinny jeans right? It's really comfy and its sorta stretchy too, if you compare it to my Levi's jean. 

The lose tank top is really big. So I'll most probably where it with like my tankini underneath it to the beach or something. But it's cute right? Very summer feel. GARFIELD ♥ And it only cost RM9.90. Don't you just LOVE SALES?  

Today's buys ♥
I forgotten how much was the CD, they took of the price tag for me. But it's around RM 35 or so. But all together also below RM100. 

For dinner, we went all the way to Cheras to eat.... Sakae Sushi! Okay, so now, I bet you're wondering, WHY GO ALL THE WAY THERE? 
Well, I wanted to cut my hair too. Fringe's getting long. And need to trim my ends too. But sadly by the time we ate finish, the saloon closed already. SADDD :(



My mum gave a very annoying face. Like we're gonna DIE the look. Like you don't have MONEY arh?? Surely you have CREDIT CARD right? yorrr, don't go scare us like that la MOM. =.= Even if you don't have money, I also got la. Well, lucky je, i brought my wallet along just now. Which I rarely do. But since I didn't have pockets to put my iPhone, so might as well bring along a bag lo. 

Maxine enjoying her Miso Soup! ♥ DELICIOUS
HAI :)
Maxine with her ipod touch.
My Dad ♥
OH YEA. My dad got himself an iPhone 4 too! OMG! Why after 3 days only tell me HUH?! Wahh, now for sure everytime gonna facetime me d =.=

I shall end this post with a picture :)
I like taking pictures :) HEHE

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