Monday, December 20, 2010

Phuket - DAY 3

Lets get on with it. This one took TOO LONG to be typed out.

On Day 3 in Phuket:

To our oh so unluckiness, it rained. Today we went suppose to go on a speedboat and visit beaches and go snorkeling.

First and foremost, we kinda got lost on our way to the place to gather before we go onto the speedboat. But eventually found it. To our surprise, we were the earliest one. OH WOW.


SO AWESOME! One thing suckie was that it was still raining. And with common sense, you know what will happen. So much water came and hit directly at me. I was sitting in the middle, while the people who sat at the sides of the boat wouldn't be so affected. I literally took a towel and covered my head from preventing water to splash my face and for me to stop wiping my face every time rain water spat on my face.

The boat ride took quite some time. They did provide us with some sea sick pill that will make you nauseous. Just took it in case. It isn't that bad if the boat is moving, but when it stops in the middle of the sea, and people moves around, which will make the boat sway. That, super dizzy. But overall, awesome experience.

 Dad and Mom

I think we were the only ones who brought so much JUNK. Like the towels. Where in the world did the others keep their towels? And their backpacks look so tiny. All our stuff were dropping all over the place.

 BOAT: 292

After feels like an hour had passed, we reached our first island.

and it was still raining.

 The toilet on the island. 


 Maxine having fun in the sand. Though, she was still sick. KIDS

The next stop was monkey island


 Oh and fishes eat BANANAS 

We then stop on another island for lunch

and finally the rain had stopped.

 The nice warm sun~

We then went to another island.

 Feeding the fishes with banana

I definitely have gotten WAY DARKER. 

Thats pretty much it.

I should have blogged this ages ago. But oh well, hope I didn't miss out anything.

Bare with me a little more.

DAY 4 & 5 coming up!

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