Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Phuket - DAY 4 & DAY 5

On the forth day.

We got free tickets to this water park.

How did we get free tickets you might ask?

Well, we when we at the mall on? Tuesday? I think, there was this booth there. You can get free tickets for you and your family. Just by listening to their presentation. They are promoting their soon to be open hotel and also I think that you would buy their loyalty membership stuff.

On that day, there was a shuttle bus to pick us up from our villa to the place. Very nice. No hassle to get there. :)


So the adults, Dad and Mum, just had to sit down and hear them talk. Grown-up STUFF. 

And us, LITTLE CHILDREN. *EHHEEMMM* gets to play in the KIDS ROOM! :D


Very nice, provide little children something to play while their parents are away.


OMG. Childhood memories. MASAK MASAK! :D

After around an hour had pass, the presentation was done and it was time for us to go to the water park! 

They then took us to the water park, not too far from  the hotel. We got to sit on those golf cart thingy. 

People there go VERY SLOW on bumps like these. I wonder why?

My parents, mum in particular, seldom slow down at bumps. JUST ZOOM FORWARD. Sometimes, its REALLY ANNOYING. >:( literally jump of the seats type. 

 Splash Jungle!

the locker key



I think their vans are really cool

Its tinted. But not like the ordinary black types. And you still can see from the outside.

It was raining, so we had to go back. 

To be honest, it's a very small water park. Nothing much to do. But since it was free, just come. But I think the actual price for the real tickets are expensive, or that's what I heard from my dad.

For dinner, we went to get some Thai food outside our villa. It's was still under Laguna, so the food are very overly priced.

 This was yummy~

 look at the spoon.


This was really good. But it cost a bomb.

Can I just continue with the last day now?

Alrighty then.

The last day.

November 30th.

My Birthday.

I didn't get wishes from my family. 

Got scolded for NO REASON by my mother. 

* why must you blame EVERYTHING on me? What makes you think IF SHE cries, its ALWAYS my FAULT? Never get to the bottom of things then blame people. Maxine was tried that why she cry. And I was in the toilet putting on my contacts. I didn't even talk to her. Don't you know that your DAUGHTER likes to cry for NOTHING? UGH. What a GREAT WAY to start my day. MY BIRTHDAY IN FACT. 

I like to talk crap. oh shut up Michelle. no one cares. 

I was pretty mad. Furious in fact. Its just so unfair.

To get rod of anger, I think most people will do silly things. Like punch or kick something and then feel the pain. Thus, pain takes over the anger. 


I rode a bike.

Not a very WISE thing to do on your birthday. Plus being a noob at riding bikes. And yes, I fell. and got bruises. Oh joy, bruises on my birthday. yay. NOT.

Well, someone had to use the one day free bike thing right, or not it'll be such a waste.

So while I was riding around the villa area alone. Maxine was playing in the pool with daddy.

Joy for her. Bet she had so much fun.

In the afternoon, we drove around finding something to eat, again.

I had pineapple rice

They just put the fried rice into the pineapple. I don't find anything special about it, to be honest. 

In the evening, we had to check out from our villa.

God, miss that place so much now. Love that place to bits.

Went and return our rented car.


End this post with a picture of my sister.

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