Sunday, December 12, 2010

Word of the day.

I have such awesome friends :D

LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS. THANK YOU, I'm very touched.

Even though it was belated, at least you guys thought of it.

I didn't celebrate my birthday this year with my family. Like, no cake at all :(

I don't even remember if they even wished me on my birthday. But, oh well. We were still in Phuket, Thailand anyways. So my birthday gift was most probably, trip to Thailand? hmm... But I did get myself a present that day anyways. So pathetic. Okay la, it's not THAT lame. It's still my parents money right?

THE SCENTS OF Miss Dior Cherie

My miniature elephant statue :)  

 I am absolutely in LOVE with this. Isn't it pretty? 

And of course, Mr.Elephant ♥


And yummy smelling SOAPS!♥

Gave one away to LiLing :) Sze Yuin was loving it too. Smelling it like a drug. TEEHEEE XD

Anyways, last Tuesday, 7th of December, which was some public holiday, went out with my awesome friends.

OHHH, and we got ourselves a gang name too.

the bitch gang.

Though non of us are actually bitches. We are GOOD PEOPLE. =) believe meee


It all started out as LL and Fab start bitching about how late we were. They were there VERY EARLY. hmmm... now i know whyyy XD

SZ is the FABULOUS BITCH. LL is the HOT BITCH. MX is the STALKER BITCH. I am the BLUR BITCH and Joyce, err, what BITCH are you? THE BITCH then ;3

So SZ and LL came like really early, earlier than me of course, to actually PLAN.

You guys so can be party planners. It went really well, like duhh, I'm so blur that I couldn't even pick out the 'quite so very obvious' SIGNS. But it all went well right? Even if I had a tiny clue, isn't it more fun to keep it a surprise?

Some souvenirs from my Phuket trip for my awesome friends! :D 

First and foremost, when we finally reached the Curve, we, me and Meng Xi, since we carpool together were like 12 minutes late. The traffic to the Curve was TERRIBLE. Jam all the way in. They need a better road traffic plan, or something to make a less troublesome for us. Like seriously, every time I go there, sure super jam. Sit in the car for like so long and barely move. But also cause of the time we went. It was a public holiday, like I said earlier, so most people would get out of their houses and go out. But I doubt much could be actually changed, cause the roads are already so small. Not much expansion can be made. 

When we entered the entrance, I was wondering, where is STARBUCKS? We were suppose to met there. To my surprise, LL and SZ were just infront walking towards our way. After that, we did go into Starbucks. LL and SZ bought coffee. SIP, SIP, SIP, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK. It actually took us quite some time to actually FINISH the whole cup. 

After that, we went wondering around. Where to go exactly. We were wondering around aimlessly in circles. We then decided to have lunch. Tummies were grumbling. We ate at 'Vivo American Pizza & Panini'. If I'm not mistaken, it's above T.G.I Friday and use the escalator to go up and you will see it. The food wasn't too bad, quite nice. The price was cheap. Well, very much cheaper if you compare if we ate at T.G.I.F. It only cost us RM56. I rounded it up, couldn't remember the EXACT number. Each person paid RM11 and the cents, LL belanja. :DDD

Then we went walking. Didn't have a clue where to go. We went walking around and around. Until Joyce decided to pull me to the toilet. I had no idea why did she had to pull me so far away to the toilet that was near borders when actually there were so many other toilets just around the corner. But I just followed anyways. Didn't have a clue at all. I asked her why all the way there, and she told me she thinks it's cleaner there. Why didn't I think of it? Aren't like almost all toilets there always CLEAN? I'm THAT BLUR.

After we went to the loo, we went back to the entrance which was were the others said to be. I kept asking Joyce where are we going? Where are the others? I WONDER. So, I just followed her out.

*Hmmm....where is she taking me?? 

Then I spotted them. 

They where siting around the table at Cupcake Chic, with of course, cupcakes. 

My jaw dropped. Couldn't stop smiling. I'm so speechless. Damn touched. Never had a surprise like that before. Thanks guys! I didn't even celebrate with my family, they didn't even bother to get me a small cake, or even buy me a slice from Secret Recipe or anything. The worst was that my sister didn't sing or wish me Happy Birthday on my actual birthday. So little love on my actual birthday. -pouts- 

But she did gave me this around one week had passed.

 I'm sorry for not giving you a present on your birthday, so please do accept this balloon. 

It's quite sweet, if I do say so myself. But I think she actually gave me that cause I was being very nice to her. 

I think it went something like this;
me: Seee, jiejie so nice to you, you never even wish jiejie happy birthday on her birthday. you don't love me is it?
me: WHAT I DIDN'T TELL YOU? You SHOULD know maah! HOW COULD YOU? jiejie know your birthday and you dunno MINEEE??? 
she: I told you, I forget ma. Sorry la.
me: -makes sarcastic sad face- HMPTTTT

And moments after, she came in with the balloon. 

Actually, you don't have to give me much. I'll appreciate everything. Even if it's just a balloon or a hug. 


Back to where we were.....

After that, we were more bloated than ever. But it was so DELICIOUS! This was my first time trying Cupcake Chic. YUMMMYYY!! But they are EXPENSIVE. 

I really wanna try +WONDERMILK!!! Cupcakes there look so cute and yummy!! :)

We then later walked to Ikano. Just right in front. The great thing there is that they are all connected. Ikea and Ikano connected to the Curve and connected to Cineleisure, Cathay and also connected to TESCO. 

I think I was the one who bought the MOST STUFF. 

You guys rather have your parents paying for stuff. In my case, I don't get to go out much. I barely go out to shopping centers with my parents. Just because they don't like it, especially my mum, and Maxine. They get tired and bored easily. So always cannot walk much, which also equals, cannot shop much. 

BRANDS OUTLET are having SALES. 3 t-shirts for RM50. 

Sales are the BEST TIME TO SHOP. 

After that, we walked back to the Curve . 

one word


We were THAT tired till we didn't have the mood to camwhore. At all. SO NO PICTURES 

And I didn't take pictures when I SHOULD!!! Like I should have taken a picture of the cupcakes and before I tore open all the presents. But I did take pictures of the after opened presents. (OBVIOUSLY)

Present from Sze Yuin: 

 Present from Meng Xi:

Present from LiLing:
The box is superb cute and awesome! 
A real friend is like 
rainy day

Present from Joyce:
Two shirts, two necklace and a very long letter :)

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