Sunday, December 12, 2010


Recently the latest hot news is about the 22 year old Malaysian Alvis Kong committing suicide for the one he love.

 I can't read. FAILLLL

But I do know bits about the story. 

Just go type in Alvis Kong on Google and a bunch of stuff will come out. 

Just wanna blog what I fell about this, so you can just ignore this. Don't read it at all, if you don't want too. JUST SKIP AND READ THE NEXT POST.  

And all I can say is that this guy is an absolute idiot. I actually don't give any sympathy to this kind people at all. Seriously, how stupid can this guy get? Well, he's dead anyways. I shouldn't even bother blogging about this.

But I'll just do it anyways. Whatever comes into my mind, just type it out. IT'S MY BLOG ANYWAYS. Don't like it, leave then, no one is stopping you, it's up to you :)

An idiot who doesn't appreciate his own life. Just because a girl dumped him, and he went and commit suicide. Like seriously, do you really love her that much? Do you think by suicide, you're actually giving her a happier life. Well, you're WRONG. I doubt that girl will ever even get married. And I bet there are TONS and TONS of people that blame her too. But I think, both him and her have faults in them. Him more. Cause he's the stupid one who commit suicide.

Please, don't ever think about committing suicide. 

If you have a problem, there is always a solution to it. 

And we should all live our lives to the fullest. God gave us so much. God gave him so much. He didn't appreciate it at all.

Just because of LOVE? He ended his life. Well, too bad for him. What a waste. 

There are so many other people out there in this world, fighting for their lives! 

And this idiot just throw his life away like that. 

Plus, his relationship with his girl was like only 4 months. 4 months?! Play play sahaja la. Some more when wanna jump still on facebook =.=

And whats worst is that he landed on someone's car! 

Eh, if you wanna commit suicide (WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T!), don't do it and then give trouble to OTHER people. You are already giving ENOUGH problems and sorrow and sadness and disappointment to your family members that love you, your friends that cared about you, your parents that gave it all to bring you up. And you go die on someone's car, causing it sever damage too. (look at the picture)



Don't feel like blogging about this fool anymore.

There are so many others out there fighting for their lives, living the world the want, working hard for their dreams, never gave up on their hopes, live life and face problems. 

I just really don't understand this. He still have a family, but he didn't appreciate it. Stupid la.

Everyone face problems everyday, and we at least TRY to solve them. Am I not right? There are so many other fishes in the sea, she might have been your only fish, but you are not her fish. And if you really love her, you should let her go and let her be happy with someone else. Why did you think she left you? You should ask yourself why did she leave you in the first place.

This is such a disgrace. UGH.

Condolence to his family. 

Hopefully, God will forgive you, Alvis Kong. 

These are my thoughts and I just wanted to type them out. Surely there are people who think the same way like me and some support him. Well whatever you choose to think and critic. It's what you think. No harm done right? We're just giving out our opinions and point of views. But please don't take death as you solution to your problems, ever. This note is even for myself.

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