Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maxine's 7th Birthday Party!~

Maxine had her 7th Birthday Party on the 22nd of January. 

We did Barbecue this year for her :)

Invited quite a number of people. My mom as usual, will invite her tuition students to come and celebrate together.

That day we had school replacements. We went to school as usual. I got quite a number of homework that day! >:(

So when I came back from school, I took a nap. hehh. While Maxine was still in school. Yes, Maxine is officially a primary school student.

How fast time flies :') Next thing you know, I'll be driving. Can't wait! HEHEE

Back to the party..

My mum invited some for her friends. They came earlier to help out a bit. The salad they made was delicious!

While my maid was busy preparing food for the party, I still had my piano class. So after my class, I waited outside my house for Maxine to come back.

Played around with her skateboard. IT'S FUN! as long as you don't trip and fall, of course.

Ah, Maxine is such a spoil child. Her own bag also don't wanna carry. Next time don't wanna help you take anymore. Give you face that day, or not should have left your bag outside the gate. Now to think of it, I think I just help her carry her bag through the gate and I left it there and ask her to carry it in. She didn't even bother. In the end my aunt asked why her bag was still outside. Guess she doesn't give a damn about her bag.

I'm such a good sister ya' know?!

Syok Sendiri-ing here.

But really, I don't know why I was so nice to her that day!

Well, it WAS her birthday.

I actually volunteered to bathe her. But Maxine keeps on denying my offer. She likes to bathe herself, which I strongly hates it sometimes. BECAUSE;
1. She doesn't clean herself properly.
2. She plays with water. Which is also know as WASTING water.
3. She wets the toilet paper! HOW TO USE?!
4. She plays with soap.
5. She wastes water.

Maxine waste water like HUGE amounts of it. She has this little tub that she loves to bathe inside it. She just sits there and let the water pour for half an hour. God, whenever I HEAR water flowing non stop from the toilet, surely it's her. It really gets on my nerve! DON'T WASTE WATER!


Oh, and I was also very nice until I help straighten her hair. But I also know that if I don't, I will surely get scolded by my mum for not doing so.




Mum's friends helping out to start the fire. 
p/s: they are teachers too

I really should have taken more pictures of like EVERYTHING.

Why was I so lazy. Now am in regret. I don't have a buffet of pictures to feed my blog :(

So here are the pictures I took...

My apologizes.

 Birthday Girl in her Birthday Suit.

I was too busy stuffing my face with food and alcohol.

I helped to BBQ the food okay!

So I deserve a drink right?

 Uncle Ravi singing Happy Birthday for Maxine

strumstrumstrum and sang the whole night long...

Mum's friends/colleagues

Dad and his friends!

I drank stout, red wine and brandy that night. WEEEEE!~


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