Saturday, March 5, 2011

Company Dinner

This is seriously freaking OVERDUE!

12th February 2011

Today, my dad had his company dinner at South Sea Seafood Restaurant.

The restaurant has changed a lot in their appearance and food wise too. I used to always go there and eat, cause I loved the shark fin soup serve there last time.Now, it looks much more high class looking than before, and the food taste really good too! I was on foursquare and I read some of the comments that they say they found this place from FoodSpotting. So I do recommend you have a try. Food is EPIC there!

I'll just slap some pictures on my blog to make it seem more alive x)

I personally don't really like YeeSang, BUT this is so freaking yummy!!

Four Season 


Shark Fin Soup 

 Marmite Prawns!



It tasted so GODLY. See! I didn't even have time to take a nice picture. Too busy eating away~ 

 This desert is to die for!!!

Cute right?!
Oh, and I heard that in the boys toilet has an actual real shark!  

The place was really packed! Lucky that my dad booked a table the day before, or not until 11 O'clock also haven't eat. Our dinner started at 9 O'clock. No tables were available earlier, so have to wait until 9 only can eat. But it was so worth it. Food is so awesome there! Oh and the price for all the food, like it was a set thing, for one table cost around RM800+ I think the price isn't that bad, since I had such a good time eating, and the food was REALLY nice!  


ben benz said...

the isaac guy.. i think i met him b4 smwhere !! he recall me of a guy i studied with or met while studyin O.O !!

michelle ~♥ ~ said...

woah. seriously? my cousin? hahha, maybe they have same faces? O: