Sunday, April 24, 2011


No, it's not the M.A.C cosmetics I'm referring in this post.


Its Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang.

Like any Majlis. It's always boring.

First and foremost, the traditional long speech given in like every formal event.

After the long talks were over, THE PERFORMANCE!

Some entertainment at last!

 The school choir is really good! (Y)

This was EPIC
So damn awesome
I had an absolutely great laugh, and most probably everyone in the hall too

After the performance, which was like really short, the prize giving ceremony began.

First was the high achievers for the Form 1,2, and 4that scored really good grades for their year end exams.

After that, was the PMR candidates. Our school had 199 straight A's. I think? If I didn't hear wrongly from the new penolong kanan.

To be honest, I miss Pn. Ruth very much. She was such an awesome teacher, and penolong kanan too. Why did she had to leave? Just because of teaching Bible knowledge? == so unfair. She was the one that kept encouraging us to study hard last year. Pn. Ruth is awesome. period. Read the story here!

It wasn't long till I went up stage and took my prize. A trophy? Sort of?

Since my name starts with a C. So my turn was over quite fast. Had to stay and wait till everyone has gone up stage. 


I seriously salute the ex form 5 that got straight A's. Even 8 A's is already very good! Straight A+ SO NICEE


All the seniors look so mature by just a change of clothing. VERY PRETTY AND HANDSOME TO ALL! :D

After all the prizes were given, it was already like 11 O'clock

We got our free food. It's not bad la. Fried rice and a piece of chicken. Like I always say, if you're hungry, everything taste nice. I'm not that picky anyways. Well, depends. 

After that, I had no intention to go back to class. So we just chao~



I know, me hair is messy. 
But who cares?

Enen came over again! YAY! She's growing bigger every time I see her! SO CUTE! This time she very guai(good)! She let me carry her around and never cry for her mummy! Y'know, I think before that she always stick to her mum was most probably the fear that was inserted into her when my grandfather passed away, my aunt left her with the babysitter for two days or so. Two days not seeing the mum, how scary is that, for a baby, so small, so much fear. :( But now, it's looks like she's doing fine :) Oh and I can see tiny teeth coming out too! SO CUTEEEEE  

I had my piano class earlier today, cause I had extra accounts tuition at 5:15p.m. later



Met Jit Shen in my accounts tuition! HI MY OLD KINDERGARTEN FRIEND!!!!! LONG TIME NO SEEEEE!! HEHEHEHE    

Since it's like extra class, so other day class also join. Claudia was there too :)

After tuition it was already around 7 something. Aunt came and fetch me, since my parents were busy. Mum had dinner and my dad was working. 

Aunt bought us pizza for dinner, she too later had a dinner to attend. So she brought me and my cousins, Rebecca and Isaac dinner. 

Pizza for dinner. two nights in a row. I'm gonna be FAT. :( oh no.

The was actually some commotion happening when I just came down from the tuition center. Like some fight was about to happen? Oh well, don't get into trouble. I'm not a busybody person. There were some people very pak gua just standing there watching. 

Had a very FUN singing session with my cousins. We sang random songs together! SO FUN!!! Lets do it again! First it all started out with the song "I'm coming home" then we sang a whole bunch of other songs too! LOLOLOLOLOL Sounded quite nice right? XDDDDD we had fun, that's all that matters!

After our singing session, we went down to eat our dinner.

Sinful food. 


I really was in the mood of singing! Just had to karaoke! 


Singing is so fun!  

My grandma sang with me!!! It has been like ages since she sang in my house. 

When I was young, everyday after school, we would on the karaoke and sing together. 

I bet my grandma was really happy too. I think it has been quite long since she last karaoke-ed. I hope she was happy :) 

Oh and I absolutely love old songs. Call me weird, but old songs are epic. 

 old love songs  


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