Monday, June 4, 2012

Macarons and Food

Life is always an adventure. Sometimes we will fail in life, but we will learn from our mistakes. But sometimes, we're too stubborn. Thus, this is where regret comes in. 

Just have faith and live life. 

June has arrived. How time flies. Just a few more months. Our lives will change. Going into adulthood. Going into college. Another new chapter in life. Why am I thinking about that now? When I haven't even face what I'm suppose to, SPM. Just another small bump in life, try your best and wish for the best. Maybe I'll do another blog post about that some other day, perhaps the day we get our results, next year's March or this year's November. Okay, fullstop. 

3rd June 2012;

I went to Kah Sheong house for a baking session. Andy planned it before the holidays. He longed waited it. I think it all started out thanks to the food magazine in the school library. Puan Sharon brought us to the library. I still couldn't get the fact the it was nearing exam month, but yet she still let us watch movies and go to the library. Pretty awesome.

One day, we came across a magazine. Food magazine are the best, you can't deny it! All the yummy looking food, so irresistible. That issue featured on Macarons. Andy actually wanted to have this baking session BEFORE the exams. That can't do, could it?  

Future Chef to Be? Maybe

He dropped accounts cause he's planning on taking culinary arts next time. So what's the point of making yourself suffer through all the stress that accounting students face? Good choice Andy!

 First batch of Macarons!

Looks pretty, but it turned out horrible.

 Looks like burnt pancakes to me

Second batch!

 We made it smaller, further apart from each other and lowered down the temperature.

Not too bad, but it more like a cookie in my opinion.

 Passion Fruit Filling

We made  four different kinds of filling. Passion Fruit, Grape, Peppermint and White Chocolate. We wanted to make dark chocolate filling but someone forgotten to throw that into the basket when we were grocery shopping at Jaya Grocer. Oh well, be creative and think of substitutions. 

 Le Rynne

  Tea Time;

 This smells so lovely!

 China Rose Petal Left Tea
Tea over any other drink any day!

 Kah Sheong has such lovely tea cups and tea pot! 

 Deliciously expensive chocolate. Only could have one. To die for.

We then remembered that we still had four egg yolks. We only used the egg white in the making of the Macarons. So we cooked up the left over egg yolk. Very unbalance and unhealthy. But still, don't waste food!

 Cookie-ish Macarons

We watched Balls Of Fury while we wait and rest. Not too long after, my parents came. We went to Sunway Giza to have dinner. First time going there. Nothing much there actually. Don't you think so? 

Some gaming event was going on. Oolala. I see Razer ;)

We decided to have dinner at Nando's
 No matter how spicy it is, it still taste awesome.

The waiter messed up my dad's order cause my dad just say he wants the Soup. On the Menu, it writes Peri Soup and Bread. Where is the bread?! The waiter looked very blur when he was taking our orders. My dad asked him some questions and he could barely even answer. I don't think he understands English. Oh goodness. 

 It's always good to order Bottomless drinks when eating spicy food. Definitely worth it. So go ahead and order Extra Spicy now!

 Quarter Chicken (Extra Spicy) with Grilled Vegetables, Coleslaw and Peri Chips

Chicken Kebab (Hot) with Grilled Vegetables and Old Style Chips

Chicken Livers (Extra Hot) & Portuguese Roll

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