Monday, December 3, 2012


In continuation of the previous blog post...

30th November 2012 ;

Spent my seventeen birthday in the car. Spent the day travelling back home from Ipoh. But I doubt even if I was at home, I wouldn't even go out anywhere either. 

But overall, my seventeen birthday did end up alright. Thanks to good food. 

At first I was clueless on where I wanted to have my dinner... So my dad suggested we go and look around Hartamas for food. While dad was driving, we passed by the palace. It was humongous! Yes, I never saw the palace before, not even on live television. 

I also found out where Publika was. I never knew where it was. I always saw Instagram pictures of events being carried out there, but I was absolutely clueless where it was. I really need to educate myself with roads soon, I hope I'll be a good driver on the road. 

Parents signed up the Undang Talk for me this Wednesday already. They didn't even tell me anything and there it was done. Okay. 

I was really clueless on what to eat, so I thought of Foursquare. Wondered if there was any good place to eat around that area. I saw Journal by Plan B was in one of the recommended list and it was in Publika. I never been to Publika, so why not give it a try?

Publika looks very artsy. The shops look very high end and the decor were very unique. I saw one shop using just paper cups as their decor and another shop using just cardboard! How creative! There were lots of cute sculptures too! The place was very spacious.  

 Bosch Soup

 Asian-Style Golden Soft Shell Crab Pasta

Wild Mushroom Pasta

Braised Chicken

B's Chocolate Cake
My Seventeen Birthday Cake

The food there was delicious! Definitely eager to go back there. The pricing might be slightly more expensive but I can promise you, it is definitely worth it! The environment and decor was really nice too. Through it was a little dark, but if was something different. A nice experience, if I do say so myself. 

I am thankful that I had this wonderful meal on my Birthday. But I really wanted a birthday present too actually. 

I really really realllyyyyyyy want a Tiffany & Co. Anything from Tiffany !

 Please oh please oh please

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