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The Lost City Of Tambun

29th November 2012

After finishing the most important exam in my 17 years of living, dad brought us to Ipoh the very next day. 

There was this promotion on Groupon to visit THE LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN. The promotion was valid till the end of November and my exams ended on the 28th of November. Since the booking of the hotel was pretty full, we only managed to get one night stay. We couldn't get another night on the 30th of November, but to be honest, one day is enough to do everything.

We were suppose to leave the house at 8:00 AM, but in reality, that is never going to happen. We left the house only at around 9:30 AM. We had our breakfast first, so by the time we were actually on the highway was perhaps around 10:00 AM. 

The car ride was pretty long cause my dad does not speed when he is driving. We reached there at around 1:00 PM. From Petaling Jaya to Ipoh takes around 3 hours. Unless you speed or there is a horrid traffic jam. Traffic was alright that day.

After we checked in, grabbed our stuff and went to our room. There were only three floors, but the building was pretty long so one floor actually had a lot of rooms. Maybe dad got an upgrade cause ours looks fancier. But still there was only one bed. Dad requested for another bed, but I still ended up sleeping on the sofa. ON MY BIRTHDAY NIGHT.

After settling down, we went down to have our lunch. PappaRich was just next door, pretty convenient but it was the only restaurant there. No other choice.

Nasi Lemak ;
The Typical Malaysian Food 

Maxine with her Instant Noodles

Fried Rice with Chicken Wings

Fish and Chips ; 
Typical Malaysians need their rice

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to change. I was too lazy to change cause I didn't want to get my hair wet cause I'm too lazy to wash it. Plus, I didn't bring my hair conditioner. So I was the photographer of the day. 

Daddy with Maxine

The theme park was just directly in front of the hotel. Walking distance. Just cross the road and tada! You have arrived at your destination. -sounds like GPS- 


Mum , Maxine and Dad

I was like, me lehhhhh! Help me take picture lah!

The lockers were confusing to use at first. I couldn't manage to open it. 
RM10 per use. 

The Wave Pool
It was small compared to Sunway Lagoon's. Plus there wasn't even waves.  

At first we thought that was just it cause we were confused on how to get to the other parts of the theme park. Really LOST. There wasn't any maps leaflet given out either. Thank goodness Maxine had brought her own map that her school had given to her. If not we would be running around trying find the directory maps.

It was pretty low and not really exciting. It was a little too long too. Got really dizzy. 
I should have sit on the outside lane.

The Pirate Boat
It sucks. 
If you have been to Sunway Lagoon and ride the Pirate Boat there, this is NOTHING. Sunway Lagoon's Pirate Boat is wayyyyyy better. 

Maxine cannot smile properly when I ask her to smile.

We walked to quite the far end on the other side of the theme park and Maxine said she's blind cause she left her spectacles in the locker. I had to run all the way back and get it for her. Not a single THANK YOU was heard. THANKS. THINGS THAT BIG SISTERS HAVE TO DO. I deserve an award please. 

We then came across this...

It was a real life black swan! So many of them were left to roam around the area freely! They were very friendly and didn't bite!

Maxine and I 
We went on the swan ride. The boat was pretty easy to control. Moves quite fast too. Much better than the one in Genting. Nice ride. The view was amazing too. 

Dinner time for the swans! 

After visiting the swans , there was a tiger feeding show! 

Our host

Raccoon !

The Tiger sees the food...

The Tiger eats the food...

Yes, Tigers can climb trees. So if you are in any occasion being chased by a Tiger, do not climb a tree. Best of all, don't even go anywhere near such dangerous animals in the first place.


Not so manly while carrying my bag though...


Maxine described this : LIKE A BIG PIMPLE

Oh My God. Seriously how can they charge this normal sausage for RM10?! Maxine wanted to eat the hot dog and she couldn't wait to get back to the hotel room, which we did right after she ate this. She girl actually took the normal sausage that you buy in the super market for like RM4 bucks. The buns ran out so they only left with the sausage. Should have at least gave us a discount or gave two sausages right. Idiot. When I asked for a fork, she doesn't even know what I was talking about. How do you expect us to eat it just like that?! Idiots. Seriously damn dumb. Try to eat before you head into the theme park cause the pricing of the food is horrible and definitely not worth the money. That cafe is located near the hot spring area. Please by all cost avoid it. Got so bloody pissed off. Even PappaRich instant noodles was cheaper than this shit. PappaRich's instant noodles has noodles, egg and even sausages for only RM8 buck. WHAT IS THIS. I still can't get over the fact that they charged us so expensively for this. That cafe seriously should just be closed or change the pricing of their menu to be more reasonable. At least hire a slightly more educated staff members. This ruined my day. Such a sour note. Please look into this. Consumers should not be discriminated to this very extent. 
We went back to the hotel room cause Maxine was still hungry after she wasted RM10 on that stupid sausage. THE MOST IDIOTIC PURCHASE ANYONE CAN MAKE. LETS MOVE ON GETTING DAMN PISSED OFF NOW. 

We went to town to have our dinner at 9:00PM. Really late dinner cause everyone was so lazy and slow when they are asked to take a shower. 

Dinner was good... We ordered quite a lot and it didn't even cost us above RM50. 

Tauge ; Bean Sprouts 
It is a MUST try when you visit Ipoh! They are just larger compared to the normal ones we get in the city, this is because the water in Ipoh is different.

Pork Balls & Fish Balls
Both very good! 

Steamed Chicken! 


I only tried this, so I can't compare. It was pretty good. The service was fast.

After that we went back to the hotel. Maxine was giving the "BAD MOOD" face. She always give that face when we bring her out. Even to shopping malls or just to have a meal. I don't even know why mum has to insist that she must come. I don't see the point. She only makes everyone in a bad mood, especially mine. She's so selfish. You may say she's still young and only just eight years old, no wait, she's going to be Nine already next month. Please be more considerate...

I think my tolerance level has gone up much more these days. Thanks to ill treatments. I had to sleep on the sofa on my birthday night. I didn't like to sleep with the air cond on either, I'm very scared of the cold these days... Perhaps that's why my parents are never sending me overseas. Unless my company I'm working for is willing to do so... 

As the clock strike 12AM. It was the last day of November. My Birthday. Happy Birthday. Seventeen. Finally. Received a few text messages that night. Thanks everyone who wished me. :) 

Woke up with back and neck aches. We had our free breakfast down at PappaRich. 

After we ate, Maxine went back to bed, Mum took the longest shower, and Dad was watching his show till 12:00PM. What was I doing? Reading a book.

We packed our bags and got ready for check out. We went back to town to eat our lunch before we head back, went back to the same place "Lou Wong" which was the place we had dinner last night. This time we tried the Kuey Teow Noodles. It was nice, but less filling compared if you eat it with rice.

We bought some pastries from the opposite shop and went back to our car. They have a very different parking  ticket system compare to KL. In KL we use the machine and just insert in some money and key in your number plate. Over there you got to buy a ticket and scratch the information provided, like what's the date and the number of tickets you buy indicate how many hours are you going to be there parking.

Finally after all things are done, we finally get to head home. I think we start travelling home at around 2:00PM. There was this horrible traffic jam at 3:00PM. We were stuck in the jam for more than one hour. It was so horrible. Wasted one hour. I bet if there wasn't the jam, we would have been at the edge of Perak going to Selangor already. As we more closer to the scene, a truck was lighted up on fire. By the time we reach there, it has already been put out by the fire fighters. The whole truck was already white and ash. The truck looked like it was carrying some wood. Perhaps that caught on fire in the blazing hot sun.

After a few more hours of driving, we were finally home at 5:00PM. That was how I spent my birthday. Sitting in the car for 4 hours. How wonderful, not.

But I did went out for dinner with my parents at night. Maxine didn't tag along cause she is too happy that she is finally reunited with her computer, TV and bed. Besides, she wouldn't even like what's going to be put in front of her anyways. The world most stubborn eater.  Maxine Chiew. She will not try anything new.

The next blog post will be about my Birthday dinner. This post is getting a little too long already. Stay tuned!

To Be Continued...

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