Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ello there! School holiday is coming to an end SOON!!! *cry* Hope everyone out there had a great holiday!

OKay! So today i went to my dear dear friend, Joyce, house. Mainly she wanted to give me her "SURPRISE" in return Posters.

Me Likey!!! Ichijou's in it!

Lol, hah, got back my own poster XP.......Love it!

Final Fantasy X !!! Pretty!

I absolutely LOVE Guitar Hero!!! unless its really hard. Me and Joyce played Guitar Hero III . We played Co-op and we WON the Med game!!! YAY!!! We switch games. My GH custom and her GH 3. I lent her my "New Moon" eventhou she HAVEN"T finish my "Twilight"!!! She's been playing/traning GH too much till she didn't read, right Joyce? Well, congrats, you kicked my butt at it. >=P

We did watch "The Dark Knight" . But we didn't watch finish. I don't get the story. Why is it call the dark knight, when the story's character is Batman and the Joker? There no knight. Or is there? I borrowed 2 of her CD's which are Riot! by Paramore and Coco by Colbie Caillat.

Tired now, don't wanna write anymore....Z_Z

That's all for now, ~ta-ta

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