Thursday, November 18, 2010

dot dot dot...

hello my dear readers =)

Who's the idiot that did this??!?

It's either Maxine or one of my mum's tuition kids. They all blamed Maxine. BRATS. It isn't hard to believe that Maxine did this. She most probably flung herself on the table. DON'T SHE KNOW HOW HEAVY SHE IS? HMPT. How can one actually break a table when one was playing with pokemon cards? I seriously don't understand how. -tsk tsk-

Now I can't watch TV and eat at the same time when I'm downstairs. Oh well, guess I'll be eating in my room now. Not that I really mind. TEEHEE.

Cause I got this

Gossip Girl ♥
YES! I finally got GG season two and three! Season one I got it quite some time back. I know you might think this is such a waste of money. Well, it kinda is isn't it? I can never seem to catch the show on TV. So just buy the DVD. Not like my father don't let, he buys way more DVD and box sets then me anyways. GOSSIP GIRL FTW ♥

And I can munch on these too

Snickers and Mars
Which do you prefer?? =)


Went to TC Mall.

This was my dinner
Roti Jala with curry chicken
Drawings on the board looks cute

What's the restaurant name again? Otak-otak? Not sure, don't remember. hmm

It's next to THE FACE SHOP

Bought some stuff :)

And they gave me this

The girl that assisted me was really nice :)

It says on the card that I can redeem door gifts on the 4th of December at Pavilion KL. Wonder if i can go or not. Hope so~ FREE GIFTS WEI! -valid while stocks last-

Also went to BORDERS and got this

ZOMG! Death Note: L change the World novel! written by M

Who's M??? Mello?

Can't wait to read it! ♥ DEATH NOTE

not cheap. but, but, I couldn't control myself from not buying. ehehehhehee :3

kay, nitez ♥

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Meng Xi said...

I want that pic of KIM HYUN JOONG!!! how much you buy until you got that pic??