Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trip Back Hometown

First and foremost,


Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays  :)

Moving on,

I went back to my hometown, which is Kuala Selangor, where my mother grew up.

I thought it was an ordinary day like any of the other days of my life. I was hoping to visit some of my fathers friends, but then dad said this year they're not celebrating big, cause I think someone is still recovering from something and planning takes up a lot of time and effort. Get well soon yea! :)

So I ate my breakfast, which was nasi lemak. Not much shops open yesterday. By the time my mum went and buy, everything was almost gone. No chicken! :'( After breakfast, i continued reading Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix :) currently at page392 :/ I know, I'm SLOWWW

Suddenly, my mum came bursting into my room ( hate it when she does that =.= ), anyways, the news was my grandfather fell down in the morning and ask me to get ready cause we were going back to Kuala Selangor to visit him. So I got ready and all, when we were about to depart, I only found out that my dad wasn't going! WTH, WHY LIKE  THIS ONE? @.@

Whatever lah. We took my mum's car. I DON'T LIKE that car. But Maxine LOVES it to pieces. I like my fathers car WAYYYY MORE. And Maxine HATES IT TO THE MAX. See how we always fight whether to take the Naza (MUM) or the CAMRY (DAD). Toyota FTW LA

First we went to my cousin, Rebecca's house. Which is in USJ, cause my another aunt was there too. Lets all go together bah. Thought we were using Reb's dad big car, but then he took it for servicing. HUH? THEN HOW? Everyone cram into ONE car ONLY. Why couldn't we use two cars instead? Since there wasn't anymore space, Rebecca didn't go. She was all alone at home. LONELY MEEEE :(

So there was like 9 person in my mum's car. 7 adults and 2 kids, one 6 year old ( BIG OLD WANNABE BABY MAXINE CHIEW ) and the other 4 months. And FYI, the car only can fit 7 people. SO EFFING PACK. Haiz, squeeze for one hour in the car. Should not have go if I had known that my dad wasn't going. HAIZZZZZZ. COULD HAVE WENT TO PASAR MALAM WITH HIM!!!!!!!! FML

So after an hour, finally came to our destination. My uncle's shop house. My grandparents were there already.

Well, lets just say the injuries wasn't bad. I didn't see anything wrong at all. Well, its good to visit them once in a while. But then, I had nothing to do. Just read my book. There were so many little kids there. My uncle has 4 daughters and recently a new born baby boy. Bet their dream finally came true, after so many tries, finally got a boy. CONGRATZ.

What i could did there then was
A. play with kids
B. read my book

bored dao sien la. But thank God I bought some snacks when mum stopped at the petrol station. But then, my mum ate partially all my potato chips. =.=

But at least she didn't drink my RED BULL! ♥


Okay now I shall spam my blog with cute pictures of my dear baby cousin Calistar or I call her EnEn which is short for XuEn. 

Adorable-nyaaaa :) ♥
Cousin Brother, Isaac, helping to change her diapers.
I fell so FAIL LA. I can't even make milk without guidance, its like I don't know how much hot water or cold water to put in. And like when my aunt ask me to do, I do so slow and the baby was crying already. And Isaac had to take over. I AM FAIL :( and i don't even know how to change the diapers. PEEE, EEYEEERRR. Let me practice more first :S

Aunt with her daughter :) SWEET ♥

Maxine you wannabe Gangstaa, FAIL :pp
Aunt with grandma. Look at the horribly torn sofa over there. o.O Shocking right??

This is one of my uncle's daughter. ehhehhhee, sorry ya, I forgot your name. PAISEHHHH. But i think she's the cutest out of all of them.

Cute right? Love her bangs :)
So it was around 5 o'clock, we went to my grandparents house. Had to fetch two times cause no space. How to fit 11 people into a car which was meant for only 7? so yea. I went there first with my grandparents.

And I shall conclude that I AM NOT A KAMPUNG GIRL. Cannot live in that kind of lifestyle. So hot, so many mosquitoes, so many bugs, no air cond, no internet, no computer, no decent toilet. NO WAY I COULD SURVIVE. Bet if you throw me into the jungle or a deserted island, I would die immediately. 

So while waiting, I took pictures :)

These are potato leaves. Planted by my grandma in front of their house
more potato leaves inside the house
Ciku Tree
Front of my grandparents house
Kampung road

Look at those poor leaves, so many holes
Not long after, the other grown-ups came. They wanted to go to the fish market and buy fishes, prawns and squid. So I decided to follow. Rather go see-see than stay in that hot tiny house, right?

My blog is gonna smell so fishey now. yuckkk :p The pungent smell of fishes -bluekkkkk-

Oh, tip for choosing prawns: choose the prawns that the heads are still attached. Which are fresher. Don't pick the detached ones.

This is scary. What in the world is this??
taken outside the fish market. The sun is setting. A picture to soothe out the ugly fishy pictures :p LMAO
--Hope you didn't puke on your keyboard. TEEHEE-- 

After buying, we went to the restaurant by the seaside to eat dinner. Then my uncle went back to my grandparents house to fetch the others. 

While waiting for them, i took pictures of the scenery :)

Stupid cloud, blocking the sun. :o I wanted to see the sunset :( But the skies were still pretty :D

This thing here is called Bubu, which are used to catch fishes

After everyone came, we waited for our food to come. While we were waiting, my aunt and grandma said there were some politic people from KL there too. I was so envious who they were, but I have not have a single clue about politics. Only thing I know is the prime minister, Najib lo, and nothing else. -slaps self- politics are boringggg and i always skip them on the newspaper. Should I care? I suppose i am suppose to?

Couldn't take a nice picture cause they were sitting quite far from us. Why should I even bother? Whatevahh~

After dinner, EnEn did her poopie poopoo.

EnEn changing her diapers in the car. POOPY. SMELLY SEKALI! -pengsan-

After finish changing EnEn's diapers, obviously we had to go back to our grandparents house. Which was quite near from the restaurant actually. So WE SHALL SQUEEZE. 11 people into a car which only meant for 7, i repeat, 7 people only! I was squash. literally. 

After saying our good-byes to our grandparents. Back to PJ we goo! WOOTS! Seriously, I think Petaling Jaya is still like the best place la. Next would be Kuala Lumpur. Since I live up in PJ, obviously support PJ mahh! PJ FTW :D

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