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Singapore Trip

Last Tuesday; 14th December 2010.

My family and I went to Singapore. WOOTS!

I woke up quite early at around 5 in the morning. (well, my mother woke me up)

But we left the house at 8AM

Parents. They take sooo long to get ready.

We ate DimSum for breakfast. Then got on with our long drive to Singapore. 

In the afternoon, we stopped at Johor and had our lunch.

Japanese Food! ♥ AWESOME~ Well, I was hungry. Sadly, there was no soft shell crab. Me like soft shell crab :3

And off we went again.

The immigration was pretty packed. The bridge from Johor to Singapore was VERY PACKED. Jam all the way there. Politic people. Please solve the problem. Please and thank you. It would make traveling life so much easier. :)

So when we reached Singapore, my dad's friend, uncle Richard, was already waiting near the immigration place. Sorry that we took so long to come and had to make you wait, SO LONG.

We just follow uncle Richard to our hotel. Hotels in Singapore are shit load expensive. Period. We stayed at the Strand Hotel. Room, small. Cost, sibeh expensive.

First day, didn't have much time to do anything. After checking into our hotel, which was located quite near Orchard Road. Uncle Richard drop us off at Orchard Road. Orchard Road is like a long stretch of ATAS shops. EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE. Plus have to times like around 2.39. I just times everything 3. UGH, everything is NOT CHEAP. NOT CHEAP AT ALL. Wait, since when was Singapore ever cheap? Ugh, unless you work in Singapore and go to Malaysia, you can buy a shit load of stuff.

Now come to think of it, Malaysia's stuff is quite cheap. IF YOU COMPARE WITH SOME OTHER COUNTRIES.

We didn't walk that much cause *ERHMPT* Maxine, being her same old brat, doesn't want to walk. Didn't buy anything. Took a taxi back to our hotel. Cab fare, $8+. Times 2.3= $18.4. Plus its a VERY SHORT distance.

OKAY. STOP. Don't talk about money anymore. I bet I bore you all already. I bore myself.

Some pictures..

 Shiny~ ♥

 Louis Vuitton ♥

Oh yea, Singapore goes crazy with Christmas decorations and lights! 


For dinner, uncle Richard came by our hotel with his car and his family. So many little kids.

They have 3 children. All one year apart. Eldest daughter is 7, second son is 6, youngest daughter is 5.

So when uncle Richard buys toys, he has to always buy them in three. He actually bought 3 PSP! No kiddin'

We then went and ate Bak Kut Teh. It's different than Malaysian's Bak Kut Teh. They used pepper in their soup, while Malaysia's one uses those Chinese herbs. I still prefer the Malaysian one. More use to it, i guess. But the meat in Singapore is SOOO GOOOD! YUMMEHHHH TILL CAN DIEEEEEE. They have pork, like, almost everywhere. And you can rarely find that in Malaysia.


The next day:

DAY 2 : Universal Studio Singapore

We checked out of the Strand Hotel, but left the car in their parking lot and took a taxi to Universal Studios.

 Puss In Boots! ♥


Dad got 2 Express Tickets! OMG. DAMN AWESOME! It's like you don't have to line up. Just take the express lane and can get on the ride just like that. No waiting. SO SYOIK. Plus the normal line was mad pack. I would go crazy just standing there and wait. You know me, I HATE WAITING. I'm Impatient. :p

BUT, half way through walking around, WE LOST OUR TICKETS.


Cannot trust my dad with these stuff. Confirm will lose.

So me and my dad went looking for it. He must have dropped it somewhere when he took out his phone from his pocket. We checked a few times in the souvenir shop. But failed to find it. Someone must have found it and took it. HEY, WHAT NOT YOURS, YOU SHOULDN'T TAKE IT! Don't take stuff that isn't yours. Thats call STEALING.

After looking a few more times, concluded that it was gone. Dad and I then went back to the entrance, and asked for some help. Thank goodness that they gave us another pair of express tickets. Very grateful~ :D

 Maxine had lots of fun playing with water

By the afternoon, Maxine was all grouchy and tired. So inconsiderate and selfish. Keep on complaining want to go back to the hotel. NEXT TIME CAN WE DON'T BRING HER PLEASE?!

Bring you out and play, complain this and that. Last time when I was your age, I were got so syoik and lucky can visit so many places? You're only 6 and you like traveled to SO MANY PLACES. And I think the first time I went overseas was when I was 10, which was to Bali. And you went there when you were still just a BABY. 

And, and, since when were you SO SCARED?! WAH, DAMN DULAN LO. All the rides also don't dare to go on. OH PLEASE. It's not even scary la. It's like the older you get, the more timid you are. WHO TEACH YOU THIS ONEEEE?! >.>

Sorry for my blabbering. But I think it's such a waste. Her ticket was barely used. I wish I had a sister that didn't have such a HUGE age gap. 9 years we are apart. 

 Went on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. 

TIP TO EVERYONE: DON'T FUCKING BRING YOUR CAMERA INTO THE BOAT. I'm an absolute IDIOT. Thank God my cammie didn't die. Or not I'll kill myself for being so stupid. OH and if you're LUCKY enough, you might not get THAT wet. But unfortunately, I sat at the place that was CONFIRM 100% SOAK WET. 

But the ride was damn syoik lo. Expect for the part getting my camera wet. WTH DID I EVEN BRING IT ALONG? GAH, should have gave it to dad. And my hair went all POOFY. :'(

Oh and they sell $2 per raincoat. (I overheard it from someone else)

 This ride wasn't open yet. DARNNN. 

I dunno what's with Maxine. She's like so scared to even let me go on rides. YOU WATCH TOO MUCH TELEVISION AND YOUTUBE GIRL. 

Well, I guess she cares. She thinks if you go on roller coasters you might get heart attacks and die. TOUCHWOOD.

My souvenir from Universal Studio.

The only reason I bought this was it was under $10. And I had $5 off any store voucher. So if I don't use it, wasted right? That time I still had two, so I thought I could use it both at once. But only can use one voucher in one store. FUDGEEE, so I still had to play like $4+ I guess I can put tea in that thing. :3

And the other $5 I went and bought marshmallows. Well, nothing else was under $5, so it's actually free anyways. Or whatever, the ticket price to enter Universal Studio is shit load expensive too.

Singaporeans are really smart at earning money. THE CASINOS. SEE WHAT I MEAN? Well, not just that, they're smart in many other ways too.

* In the middle of our day, my dad had gotten a call. He had to rush back the next day. I was kinda devastated at first. But I'm a big girl right, so I won't wine or complain. Our main purpose to come to Singapore was to go to Universal Studios. So we had already done that. The next day was actually go shopping only. Cut short one day in Singapore.

Suckie thing was that our hotel damn wasted. We went to another hotel, Hotel Novotel Clarke Quay. So expensive some more. But what can be done? Damn lousy la actually, to be very honest. Service kinda suck. No offence.

First, the reception is on the 7th floor. Okay, no problem. Went up and check in. Well, since we're not staying the next night, couldn't we like get at least something? Like complimentary breakfast? or a room upgrade? No, nothing. Psshh.

Second, how would you expect that we know where our rooms are? There was two separate lifts.

 Because the few floors down were shopping centers. Quite convenient, if you are hungry and wanna grab a bite. We ate Japanese food there for dinner for the second day. It's expensive if you times it into Malaysian Ringgit. They're was 7 Eleven, Starbucks and Subway there too.

The reception person didn't even tell us the lifts to our rooms. You expect tourist to know? >.> Bad service much.

Next, was the room. NOT COLD AT ALL. WTF. How do you expect people to sleep? SO HOT.

We then requested to change rooms. They gave us a smaller bed. WTH?!? The previous room the bed was much bigger, a King sized bed. Then new room, which was much cooler was a queen sized bed. My mum didn't bother much. She just went to sleep. When dad and I came back, and saw how much smaller the bed was, we called the reception and asked if there were anymore extra mattress. They said they would check. But they never called back. FUCK THE SERVICE.

Since we were leaving early in the morning the next day, dad and I went shopping.

YAY! spoiled

 My new darling!♥ LOVE THIS TO BITS. My first BRANDED BAG ♥



I am an absolute perfume addict. I have so many perfumes. NO MORE BUYING.

I have: 
- Estee Lauder, Pleasures
- Elizabeth Arden, 5th Avenue
- DKNY, Be Delicious
- The Scents of Miss Dior, Cherie
- Juicy Couture

I LOVE JUICY COUTURE! ♥ Would die to have their other merchandise ♥ I adore branded things. Keep on dreaming till I get it.



We overslept. Had to rush. We were all very tired because the whole day yesterday walking around Universal Studio. Plus, dad went out with Uncle Richard after we came back from shopping. 

*Later to find out that they were out having late supper! >:( THEY ATE LAMB! 


And off we went. The ride was really long. As always. Came back home at around 3. Then dad had to rush to his work. 

Rebecca and Isaac were still at my house. They stayed over from Monday till Friday. My mom invited them here, to watch the house. I have no idea why was the purpose of this. My maid was at home too. But I guess they had fun? IDK. For sure Isaac had LOAD of fun playing SA. yea, yea. Purposely go head shot my account to get points. LIFELESS. =.= But not like I play that much, cause every time I start playing, I go into a room, walk, walk, walk, and BANG! get shot. RESPAWN. >:(  DULANNNNNN. And off comp. So yea, I don't like getting shoot. :p

Rebecca and Isaac

This was taken on Monday. MATCHING T-SHIRTS. CUTEEEE! :D

P/S: I'm such a procrastinator. :p

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