Saturday, June 18, 2011

Its Friday...

Five days without any Internet access. Life was so miserable. I don't think I can live without Internet. Like really? I don't think so.

Since its Friday, here you go people!

Don't worry, its not Rebecca Black's Friday

Though Rebecca Black is in the video. But the song is nice :) agree?
The first time I saw the video, I didn't even listen and concentrate on the song. I was too busy staring at Katy.

The first day the Internet went into it's coma stage was on Monday night if I was not mistaken. Couldn't do much, cause dad wasn't at home and even if he came back, it would already be 1:00a.m. in the morning. Yes, my dad comes home THAT late. Sad huh. The next day, my dad tried calling TM NET COUNTLESS times. Well, that's what he told me, so i dunno if he was lying to cover up his busy schedule or whatever. But the point is, it still wasn't fixed. The next day arrived. Still not fixed, couldn't contact the TM people. Thursday, I think my dad did something, like through the phone talk with TM people to try and fix it. It did work for an hour, then it completely died again. THE MISERY! I was like WTF. WHYYYYY??!??? Another day without Internet access. Y'know how inconvenient it was?! And at last.. Friday had arrived. The TM people came and actually DID something. That's why I am able to be over here, typing this right now. It better NOT die again! Or not I will be damn pissed off. Period.

Today's afternoon was really quite terrible. I dunno why or how, but my iPhone's 3G internet died on me. There was no 3G at all! I was like WHYYYYY?!!! Why is the Internet so mean to me?! You took away my WiFi for 5 days and now my phone's 3G Internet also wanna take away from me?! How unlucky can one get.. Wait for it, there's till more to my day. Anyways, after like 4 hours of no internet access, the TM people came. Before that, the thought of restarting my iPhone just popped up in my head. Why didn't I thought of it before? and had to be in misery after so many hours to have that idea to pop up in my head.. Well, no Google was there to help me, and yah, first time this problem happen. SO YEAH. NOW I KNOW. So people of the world, IF your iPhone's 3G ain't showing up or working, try restarting your phone :)

Oh, it seem like I haven't mention about the new Blogger. I was so shocked when I logged on into my Blogger just now. Why was it so different?! So far, I'm liking the new way you get to type. Last time was like all squish into a very tiny box on the left side on the screen. Now its like a nice big extended box IN THE MIDDLE for us blogger to type in. So much more nicer than before! hehh xD

I'm quite happy that my Internet's back now :D REALLY HAPPY!!!

But... something happen...

I fell down.

Let me rephrase that. I was FLYING off the stairs. Like 5-6 steps from the floor, I tripped and went rolling down the stairs. I didn't know falling down would be this painful! I'm those people who usually are more careful but today I'm as clumsy as a klutz. FML. Guess I was too sleepy. I didn't sleep well the night before, so I guess I couldn't even walk down the stairs properly. Well, at least I didn't like break my leg or sprain my ankle or anything. So have to be grateful that it's only skin pain. But still, it hurts.

Today, after school, I had to walk back home. It was like kinda starting to drizzle. I was like OH SHIT. HOW TO GO HOME. Then when I walk out, it stopped. SO AWESOME. THANK YOU GOD! Then when I walk cross the road and about to turn into my area, I saw my dad's car waiting at the bus stop! Thank you daddy! Save my energy  to walk all the way home! Exerciser plan fail. But I did exercise for the week.

Thursday, which is the day before, we had our sukantara. Which is like we have to do all the sports stuff and get marks. Damn tiring. Three sections: Running 700M, Long Jump, and Shot Put. We only managed to do running and long jump. Cause the Form 5's weren't done with their Shot Put. So we have to do it next week. Oh well, good thing also, was dead tired by then already.

The first week after the holidays. This week feels damn long. Like a lot of stuff happen. Or maybe it's just me. We got back almost all our results already. I think the only subject I dunno is PJPK, but it ain't important, so I don't care. So far I PASSED everything. THANK GOD. But it still isn't THAT GOOD. I only have one A. Don't count sivik, that is. The only paper that I'm satisfied, well, not bad, is accounts. Thought I didn't manage to get A+. SO CLOSE. Unless Pn.Anis would be so kind enough to give me 4 more marks? :D We got to know our position in class already. I was quite shock in what I actually got. No.6! Top 10. OMG. First time in my whole entire life. TOP 10. But I shouldn't be proud at all. I bet my percentage is like what 60+ only and if I'm in other classes, I'll most probably be the last there. I wonder what will be my parents reaction on my horrible results. I hope I don't get slaughterer! Form 4 ain't easy yo! Who says it was honeymoon year anyways? Next year is doomsday year. 2012. It'll be damn wasted if 2012 actually happen. Spent my entire life till the end, doing what? Studying.

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Nights people  


Anonymous said...

I love that song of katy perry.
It's just good.
You have a lovely blog, here.
you did it well.
Xx Liefs

michelle ~♥ ~ said...

Thank You! <3