Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reunion Dinner

Shall blog about another Chinese New Year reunion dinner now! Better late than never. I still have quite a few more blog post coming! So either I'll spam post it soon, by today or another week. Or when I'm in the mood to blog on a weekday, when in reality, I should really be doing something more productive. 

Just a handful of pictures on the 7th of February 2012. 

It was a Tuesday. We had a long 4 days weekend from Saturday till Tuesday. Thank Goodness for Malaysian holiday! After my tuition, we went straight to Rebecca's house to celebrate our last reunion dinner for Chinese New Year. My mum's side family.

As always, the babies stole the show ;)

; Yi Fung, Ah Yee, Enen

Baby advertising for Tiger Beer


 Potential future actress

; She can cry like no tomorrow when she can't see her mum. 
Oh Lord.

 Rebecca's Wall ;
Carlieissocoollike inspired 

 I and Her

Le Food 

 Those fork and spoons are suppose to be for Rebecca's future husband.
 There is a Chinese tradition saying that to marry one another, the respective family must give something in return, so that they can get married.

 My cute ah yee zai!

 Enen with her mummy!
She sticks like a koala bear 

Isaac and 刘三姐.
I forgotten her name, but I remember her by her nickname.


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