Monday, June 18, 2012

Lunch & Cousins

17th June 2012 ;

It's Sunday! We went to Uncle Mannix's house again for lunch! Aunt Juanita invited her old friend over to have a pot luck style lunch party. 

We were suppose to go there at 12:00pm. But we only left the house at 1:30pm. My Parents, LEGENDS OF PROCRASTINATION. We finally reach there at 2:00pm. 

I was really hungry when I reached there. Fine, I'm always hungry. I was a little intimidated to take the food because the table was surrounded by people. I didn't want to interrupt them or squeeze myself in between them. THAT SEEMS RUDE! But eventually, I got too hungry and couldn't stand torturing myself any more. 
Pictures ;

Part of the food I manage to take picture of, it wouldn't be nice if I bombard them with my DSLR when they were eating right? 

I met a new friend there. She studied in Sunway and went through the course I am interested in. I had a really interesting and nice chat with her. Thanks for telling me so much more information! Need to work hard from now onwards!

Pictures ;

 Xanson vacuums the floor. Sort off.

 Xanson being tossed up by my dad

 Maxine and Dad 

Xanson and Mr. Bull Dog ;



Maxine Chiew ;


 Maxine and Xander playing Thomas and Friends Tic Tac Bingo

 Xanson in a waterless pool with Mr. Turtle!

 Oversized Maxine sitting in a Go Kart which obviously is too small for her


 Maxine with her yummy chicken!

 Uncle Mannix's Koi Fish Trophies ;

 Snow Globe ;

 Xanson drinking two Vitagen at once!


 Uncle Mannix!

 Xander and Dad ;

 Dad and Mum ;

I wasn't feeling so well the day before, yesterday and today. Having diarrhoea. Now it's starting to subside. Only been to the toilet once. Sadly, I'm having another problem now. My lips swelled up like a balloon! I think I peeled my lips too much. But it look infected. Ulcer on my lips? Is that even possible?

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